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An Investment for the Future. 

Horizon Japan International School is a not-for-profit educational institution that relies entirely on school fees to cover operating expenses. The school is subject not only to the cost pressures of operating in Japan but also to competitive forces in the wider international schools market. Parents should therefore anticipate a modest in financial donations and/or other fundraising initiatives that help enhance school programs are gratefully accepted. Scholarships are granted to students whose parents are employed by companies that join our Corporate Contribution Plan.

Please contact the Business Office for further information. 

* Important Notice: Please note that there will be a tuition increase in the next two academic years. 


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Bank Account Details

Please make sure all payments include the full name of each student and/or the invoice reference number to ensure payments are properly credited to the designated student. (Please note that all bank transaction fees and charges are the responsibility of the individual or company transferring the funds.)

Explanation of Tuition and Fees

The Application Fee is a one-time, mandatory and non-refundable fee and is paid at the time of application for admission and readmission. This fee assists in covering costs associated with the application process and testing. This payment may be done by credit card through our online admissions portal or bank transfer. Applications cannot be considered until payment has been received.


The Registration Fee is a one-time, mandatory and non-refundable fee, and is due once a place at the school has been offered and accepted. This includes both admission of a new student or of a student returning after six months or longer absence. This payment is not refunded if the application is withdrawn.


The Building Fund is a one-time, mandatory and non-refundable fee, and is due once a place at the school has been offered and accepted. This fee is specifically designed for major building projects, land and/or property purchase, new construction, expansion and major infrastructure improvements.


The Maintenance Fee is a mandatory and non-refundable contribution toward the infrastructure of the school, including furnishings, building maintenance, learning materials, etc.


Tuition fees cover all school related expenses such as books, instructional materials and laboratory fees. Each parent/guardian registering a student is responsible for all payments of school fees. All parents/guardians are liable for payments on the due date whether or not companies assume responsibility for all or part of the fees. Kindly note that, parents are responsible for all bank transaction fees and charges.


The English as an Additional Language Fee assists students in building a foundation of basic English skills. This is only applicable to students who need additional support to meet the standards of the mainstream classes. EAL Support Fee is required to be paid as long as the service is being received.


The Learning Support Services at HJIS is based on the philosophy that individuals vary in their learning styles, level of ability, pacing needs, motivation, and interests. Support is delivered through small group and/or individualized content/concept instruction and skill development.


The IB DP Fee is (for Grade 11 and 12) students including IB learning resources, internal assessments, exams, etc.