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Procedure Overview

Horizon Japan International School welcomes applications of students from all socio-economic, ethnic, religious, linguistic and national or international backgrounds who seek a challenging academic program and active participation in an inclusive, diverse and multicultural community.

The HJIS Online Application Form with all of the required documents needs to be completed within a month of the submission of the initial registration. Students are accepted on a space-available basis throughout the current school year, as we have a rolling admissions policy. Applications are released in January for the upcoming school year that begins in August.

There are five steps to complete the application form for HJIS. Please see below for specific information on each step.

To enquire about the availability of seats, request more information, or to book an admissions appointment, please contact the Admissions Office at +81-45-624-8717 or

Applications and documents can be submitted to the admissions office only through the online application form.



Review our Admissions Policy 

Prepare the following documents*:

  • Academic Records for applicants for Grade 1 – 12
  • Proof of payment of the application fee of 20,000 JPY
  • A scan of the student’s passport or birth certificate for verification of birth date
  • Photo of the student and guardian(s)
  • A guarantee letter from your company if it is paying the school fees and tuition
  • Individualized learning plan (ILP) or any other supporting documents, if any.

Submit your online application here.

  • Complete all the checklist items on your account 

After your online submission, your child may or may not then be invited for an interview and placement assessment. A placement assessment helps us determine the placement and whether English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) or other specialized assistance is required.


After reviewing the assessment results and previous school records, the school will decide whether the child may register. Families will be notified as soon as possible of the outcome of the process by email and it is at this stage that the actual registration takes place.


The admissions office will determine the first day of the school and family orientation will be organized (if applicable).

WIDA Test (for English as an Additional Language (EAL) Learners ) will be conducted

The Corporate Contribution Program (CCP)

What is CCP?

The Corporate Contribution Program (CCP) represents a specialized corporate scholarship initiative designed to assist organizations in covering the educational expenses of their expatriate employees. Instead of directly paying tuition and associated fees, companies commit to providing donations to the educational institution. These contributions serve a dual purpose, firstly by contributing to the establishment of specific corporate scholarships, which are subsequently granted to the dependents of participating companies. Secondly, these donations play an important role in our school’s annual fundraising efforts.

Reciprocal Benefits

Established through a formal agreement with Japan's National Tax Administration Agency in 1978, scholarships funded through the CCP enjoy exemption from taxation as personal income in Japan. Consequently, corporations can mitigate the tax implications related to these educational benefits without the need for income grossing-up. The extent of tax savings varies depending on salary levels and other pertinent factors. Beyond the advantages accruing to corporations and their employees, participation in the CCP yields vital supplementary revenue for the educational institution. This additional income supports a wide spectrum of essential school programs, facilities, and activities that directly enhance the quality of education at HJIS and contribute significantly to enriching the educational experience for all of our students.

Eligibility and Participation

If you would like to learn more about the CCP at HJIS, please contact us at: for further information on the benefits and eligibility requirements of the program.


We have more than 450+ students from Preschool to Grade 12.


HJIS is strongly committed to promoting international-mindedness in our students, with over 50 nationalities represented in the student body and 10 nationalities in the faculty.

Yes. HJIS offers a range of after school programs (ASP’s) that match the diverse personalities and interests of our students, and new ASP’s are offered every semester. Our goal is to balance a challenging academic program with opportunities for self-exploration. You can find specific ASP offerings on our landing page.

Our new campus in Yokohama makes our school accessible to students from various wards in Yokohama, Tokyo, and other cities in Kanagawa prefecture. Our closest stations are Yokohama, Kanagawa, and Shin-Takashima. You can find maps and directions here.

The student-teacher ratio is 7:1

Yes, we have 4 bus routes. Students can be picked up/drop off at several locations in or near Yokohama.

We offer Kokugo/JAL Japanese class once a week for Kindergarten and 4 times a week for Grade 1 – Grade 10.

Yes, we work with Cezar’s Kitchen to provide nutritious school lunches for our students. Purchasing school lunch is optional and orders are placed in advance at the beginning of each term.

HJIS students in all grades wear the school uniform.

HJIS is an IB world school offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and implementing the IB Primary and Middle Years Programmes.

All classrooms have a capacity of 24 students.

  1. Preparation – Review our Admissions Policy and Admissions Handbook to check your child’s eligibility.
  2. Application Documentation (see the admission process in the Admissions section of this website)
  3. Assessment and Parents Interview if applicable – After reviewing your application, your child may or may not then be invited for an interview and placement assessment.
  4. Admission Decision

HJIS provides education from PreSchool through Grade 12.

Fees should be paid directly into the bank account below. Please include the student’s name with your payment to help us identify the source of payment.

Bank name :
Mizuho Bank (0001),
Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
Branch name:
Tsurumi Branch (362)
Account no :
Ordinary 2407328
Account name :
Gakko Hojin Horaizon Gakuen