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"Extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities to explore their interests." 

The  After School Programs are designed to provide quality training in a variety of well-structured activities. The goal is to balance a challenging academic program with opportunities for self-exploration. Students are encouraged to participate in a number of after school programs throughout the year. 

Some of the After-School Programs (ASPs) offered in the past are:

Study Skills, Robotics, Soccer, Graphics Design, 3D Design & Printing, Basketball, Volleyball, Chess Club, Model United Nations, Programming, School Band, and The Running Club. 

Students actively engage in student-run clubs.
These include a number of options, such as: 


Inclusivity Club

The Inclusivity Club aims to promote mutual compassion, equality of power, and opportunity for growth through active workshops and community events that focus on various topics associated with inclusivity. We hope to establish further foundations throughout our school community that encourage closer relations, whilst creating a sense of safety and comfort in our daily lives.


YFF Club

Youth For Future (YFF) is a Youth Organization that aims to bring young global activists and changemakers together to work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their local, global, and virtual communities. YFF provides a platform for young global leaders across the world to join, communicate, and collaborate on projects based upon advocating and taking action towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

SSG Club

The SSC (SDG Student Committee) is a club that actively advocates for Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on one SDG per month to put in equal effort and have an understanding of ALL 17 SDGs. The Club actively holds SDG-associated events at HJIS to educate students on sustainable living that is essential in this day and future years.    



Debate Club

We offer a place to debate for both experienced and inexperienced debaters G6-12. Some debate topics we've done in the past are "Android vs. Apple," "Digital art vs. Physical Art," "Should terrorists get their punishments?" Students learn about public speaking, persuasive writing, and competitions. This club is beneficial for in-class discussions and also serves as a great introduction &/ transition to the IB DP level content. We aim to build a club with diligent and persevering scholars who look at things from various perspectives.


Student Council

The Student Council represents the school as the voice of the student body. We aim to understand and empathize with students' issues and needs and provide a solution. We build further understanding within the community to nurture Global Citizens. If you're interested in joining our organization, consider running for an office next year or helping out with one of our events!




Summer School