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"HJIS is an international school focusing on individual and academic excellence, global citizenship, and community".


Our Vision

A place where students learn to become forthright global citizens and leaders who will help build a peaceful world.

Our Mission

HJIS is committed to providing rigorous and challenging education within a safe and caring environment. We aim to nurture responsible lifelong learners who understand the importance of intercultural understanding to achieve global peace.

Our Philosophy

We are learning to be appreciative, confident, cooperative, curious, committed, creative, enthusiastic, empathetic, independent, respectful, and tolerant.


UNDERSTANDING                      RESPECT                      COMMUNITY 


High Quality Learning

High quality learning is an inclusive, ongoing, agentic process that challenges and enables our learners to acquire the skills to take responsible action during their time at HJIS and beyond. High quality learning ignites curiosity and ensures transformation of concepts into understanding through play, inquiry and experiential learning.

 Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is an open-minded and inclusive mindset that encourages responsible and critical understanding of one’s identity, as well as local and global communities. The HJIS community recognizes that our actions can contribute to a peaceful, sustainable and interconnected world.

 Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the respectful and balanced use of technology to learn, create and connect responsibly.