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"Our commitment is to enrich each child's intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development."


For almost 20 years, Horizon Japan International School has well-prepared students with a foundation for lifelong excellence to educate the whole child. 

In this changing educational landscape, we remain stable in our mission of providing a program of academic excellence. We continue to prepare young children of diverse backgrounds for the world of tomorrow. Encouraging them to develop intellectual curiosity and deepen their knowledge as lifelong learners.

The cost of educating each student at HJIS  is much greater than our tuition covers.

The administration, faculty, and staff are the heart and soul of HJIS. We pride ourselves on offering students not only an outstanding education but also a loving, family-like atmosphere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Annual Fund is our new yearly appeal for contributions that support the rich and diverse learning environment that HJIS provides. We understand that as we roll out something this new, you will have some extra questions. Please use the guide below to clear up any concerns.


The Funds that are raised through the Annual Fund bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of running the school.

Your contribution to the Annual Fund supports all school areas,  including academic programs, teacher salaries, technology, and facilities.  

Everyone in the HJIS community and beyond can donate. 


No donation is too small and every contribution can make a difference.


Many companies will match their employee's charitable contributions. Find out if yours does too! 


Donations can be made via bank account transfer. Please use the bank account details below:

Mizuho Bank   0001
Tsurumi Branch   362
Bank account number:   3039470 (Ordinary)
Bank account holder name: Gakkouhojin Horizon Gakuen

We thank you for your contribution and continued support!

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