Bus Services


Providing safe transportation for children to and from school and school-related activities is the top priority of Horizon Japan International School. School bus transportation is available to assist families with student transportation to and from school. Our fleet of 4 buses service a large region that includes nearly all major areas of Yokohama.

Bus Routes

Bus routes are revised annually according to shifts in our bus riders and are designed to accommodate the transportation needs of our students as efficiently as possible with students spending an average of only 20-30 minutes on the bus. The following list is the detailed bus routes and schedules.

Bus Safety

In order to ensure the safety of all bus riders, parents and students should become familiar with the bus rules and procedures posted in each bus.

Bus Capacity

When a school bus reaches its full capacity, wait-lists will be created and students will be able to register for using the bus once a seat becomes available. Students on wait-lists will have priority for seat registration if seats become available within school year.