If an Earthquake or Other Disaster Occurs While Your Child is:

Walking to school

your child should continue to school

Walking home

your child should continue home

In the neighborhood

your child should return home or go to school, whichever is nearest

Waiting for a bus

your child should return home 

En route to school on local bus/train

Your child will remain with their drivers. If it is too hazardous to move the bus/train, children will remain on the bus/train until help arrives

En route to school on school bus

Your child will remain with their drivers. The bus driver will continue to/from school when it is safe to drive

Out for a field trip

Your child will remain with their teachers at the site. The teachers will make sure it is safe to travel back to school

Please follow the Field trip Emergency Procedure.


Emergency Communications

Please do not call the school office. Phone lines, if working, will be used for emergency communication. We will contact all parents via e-mails, posts on our website, and announcements on social media within a matter of moments in case of emergencies. Please ensure that all contact information remains current with the Student Affairs office staff at [email protected].

We are committed to communicating with families as quickly and accurately as possible during emergencies, especially if the incident will affect drop off, pick up, or dismissal times. Depending on the situation, we will communicate information with parents using:

  • Emails 
  • Website posts (HJIS website)
  • Announcements on social media. Follow us on Twitter (@HorizonJapanIS) and Facebook.
  • Telephone, if operable.

During any incident, our school staff will be focused on ensuring the safety of students and employees. Multiple calls from families can take staff away from responding to the crisis at hand. While we know it’s hard not to know what’s happening, please wait to receive information from your principal and avoid spreading rumors or speculation, especially on social media. *  No child will be dismissed from school unless a parent or approved designee comes for him or her. All parents or approved designees who come for their children must show picture identification before signing out the student.

Emergency Information

Read “Safety Tips for Foreigners” by the Japan Tourism Organization and

 download their “Safety Tips” app.


Stay Safe with NHK WORLD-JAPAN  https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/special/staysafe/  


Download the NHK World app which provides Japanese government emergency alerts,

 including “J-Alerts” in English to your cell phone.

Sign up for City of Yokohama Disaster Prevention Information Mailing List (English)

[email protected]


Japan Meteorological Agency https://www.jma.go.jp/jma/indexe.html