College Counseling


High School Counseling

The main goal of Horizon Japan International School High School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive and developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career, personal and social development of all high school students.

We start our counseling program in Grade 9.  Through our college counseling sessions, students understand and prepare long-term planning, both academic and personal/social. Throughout the students’ journey from Grade 9 to Grade 12, there are definite stages that each student go through. 

The productive partnership between the college counselor, students, teachers, parents, and universities helps students discover their most competitive fit. The first level is strength exploration. At this stage, we urge students to find out their strengths—everyone has their advantages—and areas of development. Students take one step closer to choosing a major that suits them by identifying their natural talents, skills, abilities, and personal accomplishments. However, this is not all; based on the students’ vision and with the help of the right guidance and support, students can either develop, improve, or acquire necessary skills throughout their high school years. This process also has five subsections; discovery, exploration, development, skill acquisition, and application. Please visit the college counseling webpage to find more. 

Should you have any questions about the Horizon High School Counseling Department, please don’t hesitate to contact our counselor.

Aybars Dastan ( – HJIS College Counselor